ACM MSWiM 2022

List of previous MSWiM events

Here you can find the links to previous MSWiM conference homepages, technical programs, and all related information.
The ACM portal: digital library proceedings collection for MSWiM, from 1999 to 2021.


MSWIM 2020 The 24th MSWIM 2021
MSWIM 2020 The 23rd MSWIM 2020 [Virtual]
MSWIM 2019 The 22nd MSWIM 2019 in Miami Beach, Florida
MSWIM 2018 The 21st MSWIM 2018 in Montreal, Canada
MSWIM 2017 The 20th MSWIM 2017 in Miami Beach, USA
MSWIM 2016 The 19th MSWIM 2016 in Malta
MSWIM 2015 The 18th MSWIM 2015 in Cancun, Mexico
MSWIM 2014 The 17th MSWIM 2014 in Montreal, Canada
MSWIM 2013 The 16th MSWIM 2013 in Barcelona, Spain
MSWIM 2012 The 15th MSWIM 2012 in Paphos, Cyprus
MSWIM 2011 The 14th MSWIM 2011 in Miami Beach, USA

The 13th MSWiM 2010 in Bodrum, Turkey

The 12th MSWiM 2009 in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
The 11th MSWiM 2008 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
The 10th MSWiM 2007 in Chania, Crete Island, Greece
The 9th MSWiM 2006 in Torremolinos, Spain
The 8th MSWiM 2005 in Montreal, Canada
The 7th MSWiM 2004 in Venice, Italy
The 6th MSWiM 2003 in San Diego (CA), USA
The 5th MSWiM 2002 in Atlanta (GA), USA
The 4th MSWiM 2001 in Rome, Italy

The 3-rd MSWiM 2000 in Boston (MA), USA

The 2-nd MSWiM 1999 in Seattle (WA), USA

The 1-st MSWiM 1998 in Montreal, Canada