MSWiM'17 Reginald Fessenden Award

was presented to

Prof. Albert Y. Zomaya at ACM MSWiM'17 Conference on November 23rd, 2017 in recognition for "his exceptional contributions to resource management and optimization in mobile cloud computing and wireless networking".

The Reginald Fessenden Award

The MSWIM main Conference has established the Reginald Fessenden award to be given each year to a conference participant in recognition of exceptional scientific contributions to the field of wireless communication and networking, and mobile systems. The award was initiated in 2014 and named after Reginald Fessenden (October 6, 1866 - July 22, 1932), a Canadian pioneering of Radio Broadcasting who designed the first radio transmission of the human voice. He is widely known as the "Father" of Radio Broadcasting, and he developed amplitude modulation (AM), as well as perfected new means of sending Morse code, presenting over 200 additional patents in his portfolios and including a earlier version of sonar. The selection committee is composed by the Steering Committee Chairs, as well as the MSWiM General and Technical Program Chairs of current year. The awardee is appointed upon recommendation from the General and Technical Program Chairs, who have been responsible for the technical program of the conference, including inviting the speakers. The award is presented to the winner at the Conference Banquet for that specific year.

Past Award Recipients

2016 - Prof. Jean-Pierre Hubaux for his outstanding contributions to security and privacy protection in wireless networks.
2015 - Prof. Mario Gerla for his outstanding work in the development of Routing, Transport Protocols, and Applications in Mobile Wireless Networks.
2014 - Prof. Ian F. Akyildiz for pioneering contributions for modeling and analysis of cellular and multihop wireless communication systems.