14-th ACM MSWiM 2011

Accepted papers

Regular papers

A Markov Routing Algorithm for Mobile DTNs based on Spatio-Temporal Modeling of Human Movement Data   
Arezu Moghadam; Tony Jebara; Henning Schulzrinne

Throughput Modeling for Multi-rate IEEE 802.11 Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Networks with Asymmetric Traffic   
Ke Xu; Benjamin Garrison; Kuang-Ching Wang

An Envelope Detection based Broadband Ultrasonic Ranging System for Improved Indoor/Outdoor Positioning   
Prasant Misra; Sanjay Jha; Diethelm Ostry; Navinda Kottege

Monitoring Quality Optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks with a Mobile Sink  
Xu Xu; Weifa Liang

Multipath Opportunistic RPL Routing over IEEE 802.15.4  
Bogdan Pavkovic; Fabrice Theoleyre; Andrzej Duda

Modeling and Analysis of Composite Network Embeddings   
Ben Baumer; Prithwish Basu; Amotz Bar-Noy

Quantitative Uncertainty-Based Incremental Localization and Anchor Selection in Wireless Sensor Networks 
Zhiheng Xie; Mingyi Hong; Hengchang Liu; Jingyuan Li; Kangyuan Zhu; Kamin Whitehouse; John Stankovic

An Adaptive and Composite Spatio-Temporal Data Compression Approach for Wireless Sensor Networks   
Azad Ali; Abdelmajid Khelil; Piotr Szczytowski; Neeraj Suri

Packets Travelling in Non-homogeneous Networks   
Omer H. Abdelrahman; Erol Gelenbe

Realization and Performance Evaluation of a Reliable and Stable Wireless Link Layer Protocol  
Sohraab Soltani; Hayder Radha

Close-to-optimal Energy Balanced Data Propagation via Limited, Local Network Density Information   
Azzedine Boukerche; Dionysos Efstathiou; Sotiris Nikoletseas; Christoforo Raptopolous

Modelling inter-contact times in social pervasive networks   
Andrea Passarella; Marco Conti; Chiara Boldrini; Robin Dunbar

Designing Optical Metro and Access Networks for Future Cooperative Cellular Systems   
Thorsten Biermann; Luca Scalia; Holger Karl

Seamless Rate Adaptation for Wireless Networking   
Hao Cui; Chong Luo; Kun Tan; Feng Wu; Cheng Wen Chen

Analytical Models of Short-Message Reliability in Mobile Wireless Networks   
Debessay Kassa; Klara Nahrstedt; Guijun Wang

Retransmission-based Available Bandwidth Estimation in IEEE 802.11-based Multihop Wireless Networks   
Nguyen Nam; Isabelle Guerin-Lassous; Victor Moraru; Cheikh Sarr

Controlled Potential-Based Routing for Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks   
Daichi Kominami; Masashi Sugano; Murata Masayuki; Takaai Hataushi

On the Reliability of Safety Message Broadcast in Urban Vehicular Ad hoc Networks   
Saeed Bastani; Bjorn Landfeldt; Lavy Libman

Proactive Reconfiguration of Wireless Sensor Networks   
Marcel Steine; Cuong Viet Ngo; Ramon Serna Oliver; Marc Geilen; Twan Basten; Gerhard Fohler; Jean-Dominique Decotignie

Modeling Network Traffic in Mobile Networks Implementing Offloading   
Andrey Krendzel; Marc Portoles-Comeras; Josep Mangues-Bafalluy

A Self-Adaptive Routing Paradigm for Wireless Mesh Networks Based on Reinforcement Learning   
Maddalena Nurchis; Raffaele Bruno; Marco Conti; Luciano Lenzini

Performance Repeatability of Low Power Wireless Sensor Network Protocols: A Multi Testbed Study   
Taewoo Kwon; Emre Ertin; Anish Arora

Optimizing Push/Pull Envelops for Energy-Efficient Cloud-Sensor Systems   
Yi Xu; Abdelsalam Helal; My Thai; Marc Schmalz

Modeling the Effect of Transmission Errors on TCP Controlled Transfers over Infrastructure 802.11 Wireless LANs   
K. Subhashini; Anurag Kumar

The dark side of DEMMON: what is behind the scene in engineering large-scale wireless sensor networks   
Stefano Tennina; Ricardo Gomes; Mario Alves; Vincenzo Ciriello; Gabriella Carrozza

SMOOTH: A Simple Way to Model Human Mobility   
Aarti Munjal; Tracy Camp; William Navidi

Maximal Utility Rate Allocation for Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks   
Bo Zhang; Robert Simon; Hakan Aydin

Adaptive Overhead Reduction via MEWMA Control Charts   
Kahkashan Shaukat; Douglas Montgomery; Violet Syritiouk

Modeling and Simulation of Service Composition in Opportunistic Networks   
Umair Sadiq; Mohan Kumar; Andrea Passarella; Marco Conti

Channel Sensing Strategy for Channel Load Estimation   
Brian Sung Chul Choi; Mario Gerla

A Novel Neighbor Discovery Protocol for Ultraviolet Wireless Networks   
Leijie Wang; Yiyang Li; Zhengyuan Xu; Srikanth Krishnamurthy

Mitigating Mobility Signaling Congestion in LTE by Overlapping Tracking Area Lists   
Sara Modarres Razavi; Di Yuan

Analysis of link break detection using HELLO messages   
Zainab Zaidi; Maruis Portmann; Wee Lum Tan

GDE: A Distributed Gradient-Based Algorithm for Distance Estimation in Large-Scale Networks   
Qingzhi Liu; Andrei Pruteanu; Stefan Dulman

Performance of mac80211 rate control mechanisms   
Wei Yin; Peizhao Hu; Jadwiga Indulska; Konstanty Bialkowski

Interference Cancellation-based RFID Tags Identification   
Raju Kumar; Tom La Porta; Gaia Maselli; Chiara Petrioli

Modeling and Performance Analysis of DMAC for Wireless Sensor Networks   
Tao Zheng; Sridhar Radhakrishnan; Venkatesh Sarangan

Multidimensional Modeling and Analysis of Wireless Users Online Activity and Mobility: A Neural-networks Map Approach   
Saeed Moghaddam; Ahmed Helmy

Towards Optimal Broadcast in Wireless Networks  
Zygmunt Haas; Milen Nikolov

A Greedy Reclaiming Scheduler for IEEE 802.11e HCCA Real-Time Networks   
Anna Lina Ruscelli; Gabrielle Ceccetti; Antonella Mastropaolo; Guiseppe Lipari

Ant Colony Optimization with Fuzzy Heuristic Information Designed for Cooperative Wireless Sensor Networks   
Marcelo Portela Sousa; Waslon Lopes; Marcelo Alencar

Minimum Latency Data Aggregation In The Physical Interference Model   
Nhat Lam; Min Kyung An; Dung Huynh; Trac Nguyen

Simulation Models for the Performance Evaluation of Spectrum Sharing Techniques in OFDMA Networks   
Luca Anchora; Marco Mezzavilla; Leonardo Badia; Michele Zorzi

Time-Space Correlation for Real-Time, Accurate, and Energy-Aware Data Reporting in Wireless Sensor Networks   
Leandro Villas; Azzedine Boukerche; Daniel Guidoni; Horacio Oliviera; Regina Araujo; A.F. Loureiro

Motion-based Routing for Opportunistic Ad-hoc Networks   
Weihan Wang; Christina Amza

Short Papers

VLOCI2: Improving 2D location coordinates using distance measurements in GPS-equipped VANETs   
Farhan Ahammed; Javid Taheri; Albert Zomaya; Max Ott

Modeling aggregation convergecast scheduling using constraints   
Evandro Souza; Ioanis Nikolaidis

Energy Evaluations in Wireless Sensor Networks - A Reality Check   
Christian Haas; Joachim Wilke

An open source product-oriented LTE network simulator based on ns-3   
Nicola Baldo; Marco Miozzo; Manuel Requena-Esteso; Jaume Nin-Guerrero

Closed Form Performance Evaluation of Energy Detection over Generalized Fading Channels   
Oluwatobi Olabiyi; Annamalai Annamalai

Effects of Carrier Sense Modeling on Wireless Network Simulation Results   
Athanassios Boulis; Yuri Tselishchev

Adaptive Real-Time Query Scheduling for Wireless Sensor Networks   
Moutaz Saleh

Efficient Evaluation of Area under the ROC Curve of Energy Detector over Fading Channels   
Oluwatobi Olabiyi; Shumon Alam; Olusegun Odejide; Annamalai Annamalai