ACM MSWiM 2011

Message from the General Chair

Welcome to the 14th ACM International Conference on Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Wireless and Mobile Systems (MSWiM). For over a decade, MSWiM has established itself as a premier conference in the areas of modeling, analysis and performance evaluation of wireless and mobile systems. The importance of these areas is becoming more evident, year-by-year, with the unprecedented ubiquity and capability of mobile systems. There is no doubt that research in these areas will remain essential to the design of efficient mobile systems and the future Internet.

This year, we have a very strong and rich program consisting of a selection of excellent regular papers. The main conference is single track, providing an excellent opportunity to meet experts and top researchers in the field. In addition, we are happy to have two outstanding distinguished keynote speakers, Professor J.J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves (University of California, Santa Cruz) and Professor Mostafa Ammar (Georgia Institute of Technology). The program also includes a distinguished invited talk by Professor Jerome Haerri (EUROCOM), short papers, poster and demo/tool sessions, and tutorials.

Co-located with the main conference, are Symposia, covering several specializations within mobile and wireless systems: Mobility management and wireless access (MobiWAC), Performance evaluation of wireless ad hoc, sensor, and ubiquitous networks (PE-WASUN) and QoS and Security of wireless and mobile networks (Q2SWinet), and two workshops covering wireless multimedia networks (WMuNeP), and measurement of wireless and heterogeneous networks (PM2HW2N). Furthermore, this year, MSWiM has added a new symposium on Design and Analysis of Inteligent Vehicular networks and Applications (DIVENet).

Many thanks go to the Chair of the Steering Committee, Professor Azzedine Boukerche, and to the members of the steering committee for creating and maintaining a clear, consistent and recognized vision for MSWiM over many years. I wish to express my gratitude -- and congratulations -- to the Program Co-Chairs Bjorn Landfeldt and Luciano Bononi, and all the TPC members, for the outstanding job they did in overseeing a thorough and rigorous review process and for selecting the technical program. They have exhibited a great deal of professionalism and hard work, making my job extremely simple.

The rest of the organizing committee also put forward a great effort, starting from the workshop chair Damla Turgut, tutorial co-chairs Abdallah Shami and Andrea M. Tonello, and, to the poster chair Xianbin Wang and demo/tools co-chairs Fei Richard Yu and Regina B. de Araujo. They all deserve our thanks as their efforts were instrumental to the success of the conference. In addition, thanks to Mirela A. M. Notare, Salil Kanhere for advertising, Samer Samarah, the registration chair and Lotzi Boloni, our local arrangements chair. Richard W. Pazzi, as always, helped out with numerous tasks during the process of organizing MSWIM 2011, and deserves a big thanks! We also extend our thanks to the external referees for providing high quality reviews within a tight schedule.

In the end, I wish to thank our main sponsor the ACM SIGSIM. I am looking forward to meeting you in beautiful Miami Beach, Florida to participate in thought-provoking, interesting and stimulating discussions, and enjoy the whole program.

Ahmed Helmy
University of Florida, USA
General Chair MSWiM 2011

Message from the Program Co-Chairs

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is our great pleasure to welcome you to the 14th ACM International Conference on Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Wireless and Mobile Systems (MSWiM), held in 2011 in the exciting city of Miami Beach, Florida USA. MSWiM has a long tradition of introducing important, high quality and timely work, and we are very pleased that this year's event maintains the high standard set in previous years.

In 2011, the call for papers attracted a record high of 190 registered papers in all areas of mobile and wireless systems of which 160 were accepted into the review process. The submitted papers came from 32 countries, and the accepted papers from 21 countries, re ecting the truly international pro le of MSWiM. It is also informative to note that the ve most commonly listed topics for submissions to MSWiM this year were:

- Performance evaluation and modeling

- Wireless network algorithms and protocols

- Sensor and actuator networks

- Analytical models and

- Wireless mesh networks, mobile ad hoc networks, VANET

The submissions included a large number of papers of very high quality making the selec- tion process dicult and competitive. In the end, we selected 45 regular papers, which is an acceptance rate of 24%, and an additional 8 short papers were recommended for the program for their high quality and contribution. The MSWiM 2011 technical program also comprises two distinguished keynotes addresses by Professors J.J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves, and Mostafa H. Ammar, a distinguished invited talk by Professor Jerome Haerri, a poster and demonstrator ses- sion and two tutorials. In addition, there are three one-day Symposia: MobiWAC, PE-WASUN and Q2SWinet as well as two workshops: WMuNeP and PM2HW2N co-located with the main conference.

Among the 45 regular papers, three have been selected as candidates for the best paper award at the conference and will be announced in the opening session. The papers selected are:

"Modeling and Simulation of Service Composition in Opportunistic Networks"
by Umair Sadiq, Mohan Kumar, Andrea Passarella and Marco Conti

"Maximal Utility Rate Allocation for Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks"
by Bo Zhang, Robert Simon and Hakan Aydin

"Seamless Rate Adaptation for Wireless Networking"
by Hao Cui, Chong Luo, Kun Tan, Feng Wu and Cheng Wen Chen

The winner among these three papers will be announced at the conference banquet, and will be reported in the proceedings of MSWiM 2012.

We would like to congratulate the winners of the best paper award of MSWiM 2010:

"Dynamic Random Replication for Data Centric Storage"
by Angel Cuevas, Manuel Uruena and Gustavo De Veciana.

Our thanks go to Professor Azzedine Boukerche and the Advisory Board for their vision in guiding MSWiM from workshop to symposium and nally to conference status over the past 13 years. We thank Professor Ahmed Helmy, the General Chair, for sharing his advice and experience in handling the issues that arise in conference organization; his input was invaluable. A special thank you go to the Technical Program Committee as well as the external reviewers, for all the hard work in reviewing any judging the contributions of all the submitted papers.

We thank our organizing committee, as putting together a conference such as MSWiM is a team effort. Thanks to tutorial co-chairs Abdallah Shami and Andrea M. Tonello, workshop chair Damla Turgut, demo/tools co-chairs Fei Richard Yu and Regina B. de Araujo, and poster chair Xianbin Wang, for organizing the value-added sessions MSWiM attendees have come to expect. Our thanks go to Mirela A. M. Notare and Salil Kanhere for advertising the conference. Thanks are also due to Samer Samarah, our registration chair and Lotzi Boloni, our local arrangements chair. Last but not least we want to thank Richard W. Pazzi for helping out with the web site, putting together the nal proceedings as publications chair and for helping out with numerous tasks during the process of organising MSWIM 2011.

Finally, we thank our sponsors, ACM and ACM SIGSIM, for their continued support of these successful meetings.

In closing, we warmly welcome you to MSWiM 2011. We are con dent that both the confer- ence and your stay in Miami Beach will be informative, interesting, and above all enjoyable!

Bjorn Landfeldt
MSWiM'11 Technical Program Committee Co-Chair
University of Sydney, Australia
Luciano Bononi
MSWiM'11 Technical Program Committee Co-Chair
University of Bologna, Italy